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2020 Bounty Hunt 10 Coin Set
2020 Bounty Hunt 10 Coin Set
2020 Bounty Hunt 10 Coin Set
2020 Bounty Hunt 10 Coin Set

2020 Bounty Hunt 10 Coin Set

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Star Wars Celebration Anaheim was intended to feature the launch of a new program focused on hunting and collecting coins featuring some of the most fearsome Bounty Hunters in the Galaxy. Not unlike the pin trading program, the Bounty Hunt would allow fans to collect and trade coins through a variety of different means and activities at the show. 

Of course, things did not pan out that way. But the coins look absolutely beautiful, and so we've decided to make the complete set of 10 available for fans to purchase.

The set is comprised of 10 antique nickel plated coins featuring 3D Bounty Hunter artwork on the front, and raised artwork on the back including a Thermal Detonator and individual numbering for each coin (1 through10). Each coin measures 1 3/4" in diameter.

The characters in the set, and their corresponding coin numbering are: 

1. Aurra Sing 
2. Jango Fett 
3. Zuckuss 
4. The Mandalorian 
5. Dengar 
6. IG-88 
7. Cad Bane 
8. Bossk 
9. Boba Fett 
10. 4-LOM 

The whole set comes packaged in a handsome display box, featuring a window to showcase the coins. Limited to 500 units produced.

Limit 5 per transaction.

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